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Welcome to Journey with Jo Publishing. My mission is to provide an affordable and stress free way to bring your book publishing dreams to life. Through my own experience self-publishing two books, I have fostered a desire to help others on their journey. Whether you want to self-publish with me coaching you through the process or if you want me to handle all, I am more than confident I can be of assistance to you.



Let’s begin a journey together that will take you step by step into your new life.

Journey with Jo Publishing was established in 2021 by Author Jo Cabey. Our mission is to provide a seamless publishing experience for the novice writer.

We provide affordable packages for those aspiring to get their book published in print and/or digital format.

Jo Cabey, the founder of Journey with Jo Publishing, is a writer herself and has successfully published various books. If you are looking for an experienced professional, you are at the right place.
So wait no more, contact us today and let us be a part of your publishing journey to create an excellent quality book. If you want professional guidance on self-publication, we are here to help.

Writing books is an art to give your feelings, experiences, and learnings in life words so that others can learn from it. If you are a writer currently working on your creation, Journey with Jo Publishing is your next destination to publish and distribute your book.
From creating mind-blowing publications to providing hands-on training to new publishers, Journey with Jo Publishing is all about making your publishing dreams true.

Your Life Vision

You have a vision for your entire life, understand what is essential to you, and know exactly how you will achieve it.

Your Strategy

Success strategies to get clear on your current status, plan, goals, and exactly what next steps would be best to bring you closer to achievement.

Your Success

Each module, coaching call, and lesson is designed to move you towards success and the promise of holding your publication in your hand. Stay dedicated, and the results will follow.

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Whether you want to become a full-time author (fiction or non), use your book as a launching pad for your business, build an online course, or simply publish a book to leave a legacy, our world class programs will help you achieve your author goals.

Let’s work together to make your author goals a reality!

Save time & money

Learn the ropes with a proven, step-by-step curriculum

Maintain creative control of all their endeavors

Take control of their goals and futures

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